“Drum Specs”
One drum set in first class condition.
YAMAHA , PEARL, GRETSCH, or SONOR - top of the line series - with
One 18"x14" inch bass drum,
 One 14"x14" inch floor tom with three independent legs.
 One 12"x8" (or 12"x9") inch rack tom mounted on the bass drum.
 One 14 inch (preferably 5.5"-6.5" metal) snare drum. Please bring 1 or 2 more snare drums if possible.
One hi-hat stand with THREE legs please, felt and clutch. Preferably Yamaha. Thanks!
3-4 cymbal stands with felts and rubber tips (cymbal sleeves).
One first class bass drum pedal, one adjustable drum seat,  NO DW bass drum pedals, please. Yamaha is preferred. Thanks!
 One drum key and all the necessary hardware.
 Drum heads for the snare and toms must be of the rough white coated type, REMO AMBASSADOR or similar with the exception of the snare resonator.
The 18”x14” bass drum will have a complete front head (without a hole for microphone) and will not have rugs, pillows or any other sound deadening devices inside. 
Drums will be set over a rug or moquette of 2 x 2 meters at stage level. (no drum risers please).